Price Guide and Frequently Asked Questions (Including Terms & Conditions)



1. What can you do to help my bear/toy?

Ambrosia believes that something can always be done in every single instance! She will try her best to repair or restore your teddy/toy just as you wish. If it is a teddy, she can repair or replace ears, eyes, paw-pads, add growlers, fix joints, stitch new noses, mouths and claws, fix holes and tears, cover the bear or toy completely...she will try anything! If it is a soft toy, again, she can wash, re-stuff, stitch up loose seams, repair tears, add new eyes and nose.


2. What are you unable to do?

We are receiving an inordinate, and highly questionable, number of queries regarding the repair of koalas made from real skin and fur, and bears made from sheepskin. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE ACCEPT, OR WILL WORK ON, CORPSES, OR ON ANY TOY THAT IS MADE - EVEN PARTIALLY - FROM BONE, LEATHER, FEATHERS, SKIN ETC.

Ambrosia will also NOT work on anything that stinks of cigarette smoke, or is sticky with cigarette tar, is covered in any sort of bodily fluid, is, or has ever been, infested, or is covered in animal / human hair. If you fail to mention any of these, or ignore this boundary, the item will be returned, unrepaired, at your expense.

Ambrosia is not a mechanic and therefore is unable to fix complicated internal mechanisms or toys that are machines in any way. She can, however, replace dead batteries!

Ambrosia does not currently have the skill to re-string dolls, or to replace dolls' swing-eyes. It is not possible to mend any sort of snapped plastic, either!

Ambrosia now only accepts bears that contain degraded foam under exceptional circumstances. This feels like sand or powder, or it can have hardened into lumps, particularly in the extremities; the bear will also look deflated. It's literally toxic and, should she agree to take on your bear, it will cost double the normal price.

Ambrosia has many skills, but she is unable to knit or crochet, so such toys will be beyond her scope.

Ambrosia is not willing to take direct instruction from children.

Ambrosia cannot accept repairs where VERY emotional owners are involved.


3. How long will it take?

Typically, no longer than one week.


4. How do I get my teddy/toy to you?

You can post.


5. How do I pay?

Via bank transfer only.

When the restoration is complete, owners will be informed immediately that their bear/toy is ready to be paid for and returned. Ambrosia will do this three times. Should payment not be received within 5 working days after her initial request for payment, the bear/toy will become the property of Ambrosia to do with as she wishes.


6. Is there anything I can do to help the repair/restoration?

Please read the information on the 'Contact Us' page.

It is now a requirement that, should you require a partial or full re-covering, you supply the material you want used. There is MASSES on eBay. If you're unable to do this, we won't take on the repair.


7. Are the processes you use safe?

Every single step along the restoration process will leave your bear totally safe - guaranteed! There are no harsh or toxin chemicals used, so soft toys are competely safe to snuggle up to again afterwards. Safety eyes and noses are always used in soft toys; vintage and antique bears, however, not usually meant for children anyway, always have their original glass eyes and cotter-pin joints restored or left, depending on the work required. These can be replaced with safety joints and eyes if the bear is intended for a child.


8.   How much work will you carry out?

Ambrosia will ONLY carry the work out agreed in the original remit for which a quote had been provided. 

Should you send a bear or toy along with a generic 'please fix whatever you think necessary', then Ambrosia is NOT responsible should you deem, when your friend is back home, that something has been 'missed'. 


9. What happens if there's a problem following the repair?

If ANY issue arises with which you're not 100% happy within a month of a repair or restoration, then please return to Ambrosia; the issue will be repaired and the toy returned free of charge. If, however, you raise an issue within this time-scale, but fail to send within 3 working days of the advisement, Ambrosia will no longer be able to rectify matters. Ambrosia will also need you to supply the detailed remit advice sent with the invoice listing the work carried out just to make sure that she is fully responsible for the problem!


10. What if I just decide not to pay and ignore your emails?

Ambrosia will send an invoice immediately after completion of the work. If she hears nothing from you for 2 days, she will send a reminder. If there is still neither response nor payment after a further 2 days, she will send a final message advising that, if after 2 MORE days, there is still no response or payment: 1) we will take it that you have no intention of settling the balance, 2) we will not enter into any further correspondence, and 3) the bear/toy will become the property of Ambrosia Bears. By sending a bear/toy in the first instance, you agree to these terms.


11. How will you return my bear / friend?

We ONLY use Royal Mail.


12. How do I make a complaint?

If your complaint is related to the work carried out, please get in touch within 2 days of receipt of your bear/toy. We will remedy ANY and ALL concerns/mistakes that are down to us, free of charge! If your complaint concerns my lack of customer service skills, or is personally abusive, then please just take your business elsewhere.


13. How much will the repair/restoration cost?

It all depends on what is required. Below is a list of APPROXIMATE prices. These will vary considerably in keeping with size of bear/toy, complexity of the work and in relation to any other work carried out. For instance, if Ambrosia is already replacing joints in an old teddy, she can replace a defunct growler for £20 instead of £25 as the bear is already open.


PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A MINIMUM CHARGE OF £20 FOR ANY REPAIR. Even if you just require glass eyes which, even though they'd be £10/15 if taken in with other restoration work, on their own they would cost £20. This goes for ANY and ALL work below that cost if done in isolation.



I've had a few people say the Price Guide is too difficult to work out, especially the wash and restuff part here, so I've simplified things.

  • Wash and restuff: How to work out the cost (MINIMUM cost £25 regardless)

1. Find a tape measure.

2. Make sure the patient is in their most natural position ie. standing, or sitting or lying.

3. Measure from the top of the patient's head, down their back, over their botton, down their back legs, under their soles and finish at the toes.

4. Look at the tape measure. Whatever their overall length/height is in cms, that will be the approximate cost in pounds.

5. Check below to see if any of the provisos regarding foam / filth / stuffing / compartments apply.

6. If you've got this far, you now know the appropriate cost!

  • PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY: A wash and restuff will cost in pounds APPROXIMATELY the FULL height from top of head to toes in cms, not just head to bottom (as in a sitting position). If a, for instance, 25cm high your toy is also vaguely spherical in shape or extremely fat, or has very lon /numerous arms/legs, the cost will increase as more stuffing will be required. In addition, if the toy's arms and legs are sealed at the shoulders and hips, or other compartments are sealed and inaccessible form the main body, this necessitates the opening and closing of extra seams, and will cost an additional £5 per extra compartment. Ambrosia can add plastic beanie pellets, steel shot or scented buckwheat (choice of scents) for an extra £10-15, dependng upon amount and whether making a bag is necessary. If the toy is filled with foam pieces (yellow/orange squares), the cost will increase by 100%. If the foam has degraded to dust / hard lumps, Ambrosia only accepts these under exceptional circumstances!
  • Dirt: if your friend has never been washed, has only been washed once in 25 years, is absolutely filthy, or smells very badly, there will be an additional charge of £5-10. Ambrosia washes her clothes every day or so. She would never keep wearing them / sleeping in them for 25 years' solid without doing so! That's why there's this additional charge.
  • Dog-attacks: Please see below for treatments available. In all instances, it is highly likely that a thorough wash will be in order to remove slobber. I can't work on crispy, dirty or material, or material covered in animal hair! Washing: £5 upwards depending on size.
  • Jellycat soft toys: these typically have the arms and legs sealed at the tops, making these compartments inaccessible from the torso. If this is the case with your toy, please take into account the additional costs (£5 per additional seam) for opening and closing additional compartments.
  • Wendy Boston bears: please Google as they have a very distinctive shape and character! These are typically filled with degraded foam; it feels like sand or power in the tips of extremities and is, quite literally, toxic in this form. I take these VERY rarely now, as they're just so messy to deal with. IF, however, I do, then the price doubles.
  • Patching bald areas/disintegrated areas: £20 upwards per area. Sometimes, the best option is a complete re-cover if the damaged areas are very extensive.
  • Re-covering a face: £40 upwards depending on size.
  •  Making facial features / beaks / material noses / trunks: £20 upwards depending on size.
  • Adding zips: £25 upwards.
  • Transplants: removing limbs from repacement toys and attaching to the original (to replace damaged limbs), £10 upwards per limb.
  • Adding velcro: £20 upwards.
  • Adding felt eyes, nostrils: £5 upwards per pair, depending on size and complexity.
  • Covering muzzles prior to re-embroidering nose/mouth or adding plastic/material nose: £25 upwards. If stuffing and additional facial reconstruction is required, this will increase significantly depending on size and complexity.

Making a material nose / covering a damaged material nose (eg Jellycat toys): £20 upwards depending on size and complexity.

  • Full facial reconstruction: £50 upwards depending on size, complexity and need for eyes, nose etc.
  • Making alterations/additions to soft toys: £25 upwards.
  • Re-jointing: plastic joints are near impossible to remove and, in most instances, need to be cut out. Patching/repairing the rips caused by the limb coming off will be £10 upwards, patching/repairing the cut out section round the joint the same, and re-jointing with similar plastic £35.
  • Make, stuff, attach new unjointed limb: £20 upwards depending on size.
  • Making and attaching new ears: semi-circle ears, £15 upwards per ear depending on size. Longer dog or rabbit ears, £25 upwards per ear, depending on size.
  • Make, stuff, attach, new jointed limb: £35 upwards depending on size.
  • Re-attaching non-jointed head: £15 upwards depending on extent of damage.
  • Re-covering soft toys: this depends on size, but is typically at least £150 for something around 15cm in total height. 25cm and over would start at a base price of £225. Anything 35cm or over would start at £250. THESE BASE PRICES ARE FOR RE-COVERING ONLY. Should preparatory reconstruction work / repairs be required, the base price will increase. These prices are approximate and also depend on complexity / shape of toy of bear. Ambrosia also requires you to provide the material you'd like used. However, Ambrosia will NOT work with anything slippery, such as rip-stop, satin or silk. Please note that a full re-covering typically necessitates the addition of new eyes and nose as these cannot be worked round.
  • Repairing tears and loose seams: £5 upward, final cost depending on complexity, length and extent. If the entire toy requires having ALL seams strengthened, this equates to basically re-making the toy and will cost in excess of £100.
  • Re-attach ears: £10 upwards per ear depending on damage and size.
  • Adding plastic safety eyes ONLY: £20 upwards depending on size of eyes. Please bear in mind that the toy will need to be opened up for this repair, so a lot of extra stitching and re-stuffing is also required. PLEASE NOTE: if there is ANY material around or attached to the ripped-out eyes, or evidence of huge holes around sockets on the head itself, reinforcement or patching of eye sockets is also necessary. This will add £10+ per eye.
  • Adding plastic safety nose ONLY: £15-20.  
  • Please bear in mind that the toy will need to be opened up for this repair, so a lot of extra stitching and re-stuffing is also required. PLEASE NOTE: if reinforcement or patching of nose socket is also necessary, because of damage, this will add £10+.
  • Complete reconstruction due to dog savaging: £100 upwards depending on extent of damage. This is incredibly difficult and time-consuming.
  • Foot pads: £15-40 per pad depending on size (material needs to be supplied by yourself if you want something very particular). Large bears (50cm upwards) would be at the upper end of this price range. If pads are 'pulled' or sculpted (such as with some Charlie bears), the price will increase. This price is FOR PADS ONLY. It does NOT include any preparatory reconstruction work.
  • Lining inner ears (eg rabbits): £30 upwards per ear depending on size (material as above).



  • Additional stuffing: £10 upwards per compartment. PLEASE NOTE: it is NOT possible to wash and restuff vintage, jointed bears.
  • Replacing traditional tilt growler: £25.
  • Replacing traditional press squeaker: £25.
  • Reconstructing feet/paws PRIOR to adding pads: £10-30 per foot/paw depending on size of bear and extent of reconstruction required.
  • Replacing/covering all paw-pads: £15-40 per pad depending on size. Small bears (around 20cm) would be at the lower end; anything over 35cm would be towards the upper end. This could increase or decrease depending on the size of the teddy or toy, and the material used. Please note: price is for pads ONLY. It does NOT include prepatory reconstruction/restuffing/repair work. Please see above 'reconstructing feet/paws PRIOR to adding pads'.
  •   External clean and brush: £15 upwards depending on size and dirtiness. Large bears (50cm upwards) will be nearer the £35 mark. If they're very dirty, this will increase again.
  • Re-attaching ears: £10 per ear.  
  • Making and attaching new ears: £15 upwards per ear depending upon size.
  • Re-attaching/re-jointing limbs or head: £40-45 for one limb. Price will increase (in £30-35 units) for additional limbs. This is actually a very involved process as the bear needs to be opened up, unstuffed, repaired, re-stuffed and stitched up. If preliminary patching or reinforcement of the joint area is necessary, the price will increase by approximately £10, depending on size of patch.
  • Joint tightening: £25 for the first joint (internal stuffing has to be removed first), then £5-10 for each additional joint. This will not always be possible if the metal of the pin is extremely brittle.
  • Replacing glass eyes: £15-20. Cost depends slightly on size, as larger glass eyes are quite expensive. If reinforcement of the eye sockets is necessary, this will increase by £5-10 per eye.
  • Making and attaching new limbs: typically £50 upwards per arm/leg, but this will increase if the bear is very large or decrease if very small.
  • Making and attaching new head: typically £85 (includes eyes, ears, nose and mouth embroidery). This could increase if the bear is very large or decrease if very small.
  • Re-embroidering nose and mouth: £15 upwards depending on size of nose.
  • Re-embroidering claws: £10 upwards depending on size of bear.
  • Complete restoration: £250 upwards. This will include replacing pads, re-attaching limbs/head, adding/replacing eyes, growlers, external clean and brush, embroidering mouth and nose, adding stuffing and completing other small repairs on the same bear. If this option is required, please be VERY specific about the EXACT extent of the restoration required. With this treatment in particular, Ambrosia will require a comprehensive list.
  • Replacing music boxes: cost depends on whether there is a metal ring around the key or not. If yes, this will need to be cut out and the area patched prior to adding a new box. Patching £10/15 and adding the box an additional £10/15. Please note: musical boxes will need to be supplied by you to ensure you get exactly the tune you're happy with!



  • External clean and brush: £25 upwards depending on dirtiness.
  • Replace missing eye or nose: £15 each
  • Replace hat, coat etc: There are lots of replacements available on ebay, so you can easily choose yourself. If, however, you'd prefer me to do that, £10 for my time will be added to the cost of the actual item(s) when sending the final invoice.



  • No longer accepted.



Ambrosia has undertaken any number of commissions and made dinosaurs, sloths, dogs as well as bears! Please click here to see examples. We'll only undertake commissions under the following conditions:

  • A suitable pattern is supplied. Alterations in size must be made by yourself on a photocopier.
  • All materials are supplied.
  • A non-refundable 50% deposit (deductable from final amount) is paid before work starts. 
  • Under NO circumstances will commissions be accepted where the payment of the remaining amount is dependent upon a child's approving the result.
  • Commissions are typically £100 upwards.