Repair & Restoration Enquiries: How to Contact Us

                                           Repair / Restoration Enquiries

Hello there!

Due to ongoing (over four years), persistent (at least three every day and during the night), nuisance enquiries (always spurious) and harassment (aggressive or abusive) via email, Whatsapp and text, my 'contact' policy for repairs has changed dramatically. Should you find the following unacceptable, then I thank you for your initial interest and wish you well in finding a site more suited to your requirements.

Should you genuinely require my assistance regarding a restoration / repair, then please read ALL of the following. There is absolutely no room for negotiation regarding what follows.


In the first instance, please consult the Price Guide / FAQ page. The Guide is comprehensive and will 

1. advise on how to determine costs for all work required

2. provide information on what I can / cannot do, and will / will not accept

3. provide information regarding the conditions surrounding different jobs (eg. client supplies all material for a re-covering or patching). 


Subsequent posting means you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions on the FAQ / Price Guide page. 

  • If you find the costs and conditions acceptable, please post the patient to the address below. Remember to include ALL of your contact details - home address, CORRECT email address and mobile number - and a list of the work required. PLEASE DO NOT TOTALLY COVER THE BOX / ENVELOPE IN TAPE, OR USE FIBRE-GLASS TAPE. Such parcels will be returned unopened. PLEASE ALSO ENSURE THE PACKAGING IN WHICH THE PATIENT IS SENT IS SUITABLE FOR A RETURN JOURNEY REGARDING SIZE AND DURABILITY. Should you send in something unsuitable, such as paper, I'll simply use what I have to return them. If they're sent already tightly-packed into a small box, I'll literally have to crush them back into it after a wash and restuff!


  • Alternatively, should you require a quote following examination of the potential patient in person, please post (address below) your toy / bear to me with a Royal Mail, prepaid return envelope / box. DO NOT SEND A POST OFFICE PRE-PRINTED LABEL: IT NEEDS TO BE STAMPS! Once the patient arrives, we can discuss requirements, and I will provide a quote. Should the quote be unacceptable, I will post back in the envelope / box provided. If the quote is acceptable, I will carry out the work requested, and post back in said envelope / box. If the postage post-restoration increases due to size / weight, you will be responsible for that increase. Remember to include ALL your contact details. Should you forget, there is no way I can get in touch with you.


  • Finally, should you prefer that I give a consultation, offer advice, enter into any sort of discussion, or provide a quote before you decide to send or not, then please post £5 (physical, English note) to the address below. Remember to include your email address CLEARLY AND CORRECTLY or I can't get back to you. Once received, I will get in touch immediately, and we'll go from there. No £5 included: no response.


Dr Nicola Rowan-Brooks

15 The Forge

Branch Road

The Reddings



GL51 6RH

And finally, if you're sending a vintage, jointed bear, please DO NOT send anything larger 45cm head to toe. I will not be able to accommodate anything larger than this. Should you still send and I see the postman with a MASSIVE box, I will refuse delivery.

That's it! If you sincerely want my help, please take one of the above actions. They are the ONLY ways in which I will interact: there are NO exceptions. ANY initial communication which violates these boundaries, or deviates in any respect from the above methods of getting in touch, WILL BE IGNORED.


Please see the reviews on Google and those on this site for confirmation that I'm legitimate. 

And just to prove I'm still here and operational:

Last time site was updated: July 23rd, 2024.