The hospital is getting ever larger, so Ambrosia has added another ward!

Ambrosia has any number of dog-attack victims to stay at Ambrosia Place, and this poor panda was possibly one of the worst she'd ever seen. There was basically nothing left! Ambrosia set to work by reconstructing panda, and then covering him in new material. Some beautiful new eyes, a velvet nose, and some Chinese coins later, panda looked utterly fantastic and was all ready to go home. Hopefully, he won't encounter the same dog!

Whenever pandas arrive at Ambrosia Place, they always seem to come in twos or threes, and here's another! Panda had been loved very much over the years, and had been given new arms by her owner. However, she wasn't feeling good at all. So Ambrosia decided that the best treatment was to re-cover her completely with new material. She looked incredibly beautiful afterwards!

Dog Attack

Poor Rabbit was absolutely filthy when she arrived; not only had she never had a bath, but she'd also been attacked by a dog, so she looked, felt and smelt awful. Ambrosia washed her for hours, and then worked her magic!

Wash and Restuff

Pudsey had been loved so much that he was, quite literally, falling to bits. He was also absolutely filthy, one of the filthiest patients Ambrosia has ever had! He spent hours in the bubble tub, and was soon as yellow as a buttercup once again.

Wash and Restuff

Yet another filthy bear friend arrived at Ambrosia Place for a deluxe spa treatment. Ted played for ages in the big bubble tub, and came out looking and smellign like a completely new bear!

Beary had been loved so much over the years that he was a shadow of his former, glorious self. Ambrosia could see exactly what to do to turn back time! After some special spa treatments, Beary was looking absolutely gorgeous - and extremely naughty! - once more!

Dog Attack

Poor Cow was filthy and had also been the victim of a naughty dog. Her ears and horns had vanished, and she had a huge rip on her head. Ambrosia did her very best, and, soon, Cow looked like new again.


Ricky the Racoon was in a right old state when he arrived at Ambrosia Place! His hands and feet had vanished, his eyes were scrtached, his fur was so thin his material was ripping, and he was filthy. After a play in the bubble tub, Ambrosia and her friends worked their magic. Ricky felt wonderful afterwards!

Wash and Restuff

Ambrosia is so grateful for the modern miracles that are soap and water! Ted stank to high heaven and was grey with filth when she arrived. Ambrosia washed and washed her until she sparkled and smelt like a flower.

Dog Attack

Yet another sweet little animal friend arrived who'd suffered at the teeth of an over-enthusiastic dog. After a thorough wash and brush, the little creature was given a new face. He did feel better afterwards.

And yet another panda! This one also came for a complete re-cover, pus new eyes, muzzle and nose. Panda had been so loved and his original material was so fragile, that this complete make-over was deemed the best option. Now, panda is strong enough to withstand many more years of hugs and kisses!

Dog Attack

And yet another attack by a nughty canine! Poor Pandy was really upset and felt terrible, but, after a special Ambrosia spa treatment, he actually felt and looked better than he ever had.

Wash and Restuff

Bartholomew Bear had been loved so much that he had literally collapsed! His nose had also been kissed away. After he'd played in the bubble tub, he was brushed, filled with fresh clouds, and a new nose was made for him - ready for more kisses!

Wash and Restuff

Tobias the Dragon came fo the most popular spa treatment - a play in the bubble tub followed by a restuff with fresh clouds - and he felt, and looked, absolutely wonderful afterwards!

Wash and General Repair

Poor Dog was dull with dirt when he arrived, and he'd been loved so much that his tummy was disintegrating. After a very long play in the bubble tub, Dog was restuffed with clean clouds, and then had new inner ears and a new tum!

Poor Baby Blue had been loved so much that he was a shadow of his former self; so he came along to Ambrosia Place. Baby Blue leapt into the bubble tub abd came out feeling incredibly clean and fresh. He was given new clouds as stuffing, and then his old blue jumpsuit was re-covered in baby blue polar fleece. He'd also managed to lose and ear along the way, so Ambrosia made him a new one. He DID feel good!

Dog Attack

Poor Bunny had suffered the fate of so many of the toys and bears that come to Ambrosia Place: a dog savaging! Ambrosia and the bears gave him a lovely bath, and then fixed his poorly face. He felt so much better afterwards.

General Repair

Mousey Mouse was in a terrible state when he arrived and needed lots of help from the bears. Following a wash, restuff, new pads and inner ears, he was feeling so much better!

Wash and Restuff

Sometimes, the simplest treatments can have the most profound results. Koala jumped straight into the huge bubble tub and had a fantastic play. Once he was dried and brushed, he decided he'd like new clouds and his nose re-blacked. Doesn't he look lovely?

Sometimes, the simplest of spa treatments have the most profound effect. Baba had been loved so much that he was flat and dirty. He jumped into the huge bubble tub at Ambrosia Place and splashed around for ages. After getting dry, he was brushed and brushed until his fur was all lovely and soft again. Then he was filled with fresh clouds, and adorned with a personalised, satin ribbon. Baba felt absolutely fantastic and was really happy when he saw himself in the mirror afterwards!

Full Restoration

Ellie had been loved so much over the years that he'd lost his ears and all of his fur; he was also starting to fall apart and needed help! Ambrosia cleaned him, filled him with fresh clouds, and then covered him with the softest material there was.