The Vintage Bear Hospital has had so many patients that Ambrosia has decided to add a third ward! Here are some more examples of the restorations that she has carried out on her bear and animal friends.

General Restoration

Ambrosia loves it when her famous friends come to stay, and Paddington was in for a real treat. After his own fur had been cleaned, his coat and boots were washed, new toggles were stitched on, and Ambrosia gave him a new hat and tradtional luggage label. He felt wonderful and celebrated with a marmalade sandwich!

Complete Restoration

Porr Gillian was in a terrible state when she arrived at Ambrosia Place, and was literally falling to pieces. The bears gave her a hug and set to work. Ambrosia herself mended Gillian's arm and feet, and soon Gillian was feeling much better!

General Restoration

Teddy arrived with a few, basic concerns, not the least of which was his badly-attached ears! After an external clean and brush, he was his old, golden self. Ambrosia re-attached his ears, and gave him a new voice so he could growl his pleasure!

General Restoration

Poor teddy was feeling rather sorry for himself. His face was sore, and his hand and foot pads had worn through. After he and his clotes were cleaned, Ambrosia fixed his poorly face and gave him some gorgeous new pads. He felt great afterwards!

Wash and Restuff

Brumas the Wendy Boston had completely deflated due his foam having degraded; he was also pretty filthy! He thoroughly enjoyed havng the toxic powder removed and then his bubble barh. New clouds and a brush later, and he was feeling great!

Dog Attack

And yet another dog savaging victim arrived at Ambrosia Place. Poor teddy had lost most of his face and felt dreadful. Ambrosia carefully restructed his cheek and then covered the damaged area. He did feel sweeter afterwards!