Gift Vouchers

Are you stuck over what to buy someone for their birthday or for Christmas? Or would you just like to surprise someone? Well, if you know someone with a teddy bear friend in need, or a cuddly toy friend who needs some tlc, then Ambrosia Bears would like to suggest a restoration / repair voucher! You can buy a voucher for any amount and the voucher can then be put towards a choice of spa treatments at Ambrosia Place!

There are just a few things to bear in mind when purchasing a voucher;

  • they are non-refundable
  • they are valid for one month after purchase
  • Ambrosia kindly asks that the Price Guide and Frequently Asked Questions are read before purchase as, for instance, should a sheepskin bear turn up, Ambrosia has made it very clear that she will not work on toys made from her dead friends! 
  • Ambrosia refuses the right to work on any bear or toy that she deems unacceptable: if it's made from a dead friend, if it has or had an infestation,  or if it's utterly filthy, for instance!

If you like the thought of giving someone a voucer, please get in touch by contacting us!